Body Slimmer – JT 002

৳ 420.00

Composition: Rubber and foam
Material: PVC, rubber.


A simple and compact trainer for working out different muscle groups of the body. With it, you can do many exercises to develop your torso, arms and shoulders from the comfort of your home. With this simulator, you can quickly find a beautiful fit figure without exhausting yourself by going to the gym.

Train 4 muscle groups – Shoulders – Biceps – Triceps – Abdomen

Product Features:
– Universal exercise machine for the home.
– Develops and strengthens various muscle groups.
– Tones the biceps and triceps, tightens the bust and gives shape to the hips.
– Strengthens the muscles of the back and chest
– Does not create unnecessary stress on the spine.
– Fixed on one or both legs.
– Made from elastic materials.


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