K-Snake Mobile Gaming RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo


  • Model Number: K-Snake
  • Interface: Wired USB 2.0
  • Application: Desktop, Laptop, mobile
  • Light: RGB light or 7 kinds of LED breathing light
  • Made in China


Mobile Gaming Mouse Keyboard Combo

– Mobile Gaming Keyboard- Mouse Combo is a combination of gaming mouse and keyboard. It can be used for smartphones or tablets with Android 5.0+ or IOS systems. Both products are connected by Bluetooth and mobile games can be played with mouse keyboards. Each product can only be used for one device and the converter needs to be charged by a 5V power supply.

SMARTPHONE GAMING MADE EASY – No more frustrating touchscreen controls! With our K-Snake Mobile Gaming RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo, you can play all of your favorite smartphone games with ease. The keyboard and mouse are both Bluetooth enabled and work with any Android 5.0+ or IOS device.

– GET THE FULL GAMING EXPERIENCE – Tired of playing on your small phone screen? With our K-Snake Mobile Gaming RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo, you can enjoy all of your favorite games in full HD glory! The keyboard and mouse are both connected by Bluetooth, so you can play on any device you want.

– PERFECT FOR BOTH ANDROID AND IOS DEVICES- This combo package of Gaming RGB Mouse and Keyboard is suitable for both Android and iOS so you can play in both platforms without any converter or adapter.



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Type: Gaming (Mobile Platform) Applicable Object: For Game Mouse Connection: Wired Interface: Bluetooth, USB Brand- K-Snake Product packaging: one-handed keyboard*1 Wired mouse*1 User manual*1 Game throne*1Mobile Gaming Mouse Keyboard Combo


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