Spiral Binding Machine 118c


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118c Heavy Duty A4  21 pin Spiral Binding Comb Binding Machine, Binding material:plastic comb\binder strip, Binding capacity: 30mm of round plastic; 50mm of ellipse plastic comb, Punching capacity: 10pages(80gsm), Binding width:less than 300mm, Hole distance:14.3mm(21holes), Hole size.:3x8mm, Adjustable depth margin: 2.5-5.5mm, Punching form: Manual, Movable cutter: 21PCS,  Comb binding machine work like other binding machine Come binder make hole on the edge of the papers to bind all the pages together. Comb binder machine makes rectangular hole, Comb is can be open flat open on the table one size close specially use to bind books and dairy or stationery work of office School College and University ,

We have been offering spiral binding comb binding to our customers for years. We use high quality machines to perform any task to create a great finished product for our customers.

Spiral binding Comb binding is a great service for publications such as financial statements, business plans, user guides, lecture sheet and many more. Use comb binding to secure your pages in your publication and create a clean finished look.

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