Winson WNI-6710g 2D CMOS Wired Handheld Barcode Scanner


Model: WNI-6710g
640 x 480 million pixel professional lens
Capture all 1D code and 2D code
Shockproof and Anti-broken


Winson WNI-6710g 2D CMOS Wired Handheld Barcode Scanner

The Winson WNI-6710g comes with imported industrial ABS material, the rubber around the housing can buffer the impact force. WNI-6710g 2D barcode scanner with 20% contrast ratio helps to read 1D and 2D paper code, screen code, color code, damaged code, fold code and reflective code with Winson’s patented CMOS decoding technology, This Barcode Scanner featured with 640×480 million pixel professional, that lens ensure quick barcode scanning and it is 30% faster than ordinary scanner. This scanner support read small high-density barcode, and it quickly reads paper and screen codes of different sizes, densities and digits.(1000-digit passenger code, 2000-digit paper code can be read). In this Barcode Scanner, 32 Bite CPU, highly efficient, and greatly improves the working efficiency. This Winson Barcode Scanner Support reading barcodes from screen and it is suitable for Logistics and warehouses. This is one of the perfect choice forairport/train station, hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets, retail stores, libraries, catering, logistics, express delivery, etc. The new Winson WNI-6710g has 01 year warranty.


Type 1D/2D wired barcode scanner
Resolution 640 x 480 million pixel professional lens
Interface USB RS-232 Interface
Speed 100 scans/ sec
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 90mm × 67mm × 168mm (L x W x H)
Weight 120g
Color Black


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